Wellness Challenge?

Looking To Think Differently About Health And Wellness In 2012?

At age 52, 2011 was my rookie year...

With only a few hours before 2012, many of us are pausing to think about our lives , our health, and our overall wellness.

Who do we turn to to find fresh, insightful, simple ideas to get and stay healthy?

I’m volunteering to help.

Wellness Tips

Julian Myers Said, “Ambition Is The Key To Longevity”

Julian Myers ("Nighthawks" t-shirt), at 93, told jeff noel longevity requires ambition.

Ever wonder what motivates seniors to stay healthy? Me too. So I spent most of this week in St George, Utah at the 25th Huntsman World Senior Games, to validate my deductions. Over 10,000 athletes all aged 50 and over. Many were world-class survivors. Many were world-class athletes….for example…

Bobby Whilden, 76, twice this year bettered the legendary Payton Jordan’s M75 100 meter record of 13.72 by running 13.68 at the Penn Relays in April and 13.67 at the outdoor nationals in late July. On Wednesday Whilden smashed his own pending mark with a 13.55 at the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah. The wind was a legal 1.9 meters per-second. His time just missed the 13.54 world mark by Germany’s Bruno Kimmel in 2009.

Wellness Challenge?

Wellness Done Well (WDW): A Vision Of What The Future May Hold

Wellness, when done well, increases employee retention, reduces employee health care costs and reduces recruiting and training costs. When wellness becomes part of an organization’s corporate culture, customer satisfaction scores naturally rise because the employees understand the concept of offering their best, in a reciprocal giving back so to speak. Harris Rosen, Orlando hotelier, leads our Country in this common sense, but seldom implemented, health care initiative.

November 2009

Wellness Challenge Debuts on Web

Hello, below this welcome message, you’ll find regular postings about our deep down desire to “have” wellness. A balance of the big decisions in life: Mind, Body, Spirit, Career, and Day-to-Day Admin.

Wellness Challenge Debuts on the Web today, November 7, 2009.  So please let me officially welcome you to Wellness

I have many wellness challenges. We all do. What are your challenges to be well?

There are four simple, but universal, wellness challenges we all face:

  1. MindMental wellness
  2. BodyPhysical wellness
  3. SpiritSpiritual wellness
  4. MoneyFinancial wellness

These are the four areas of our lives in which we get the privilege to nurture.  If we choose not to, well, we all know what can happen, and mostly likely does happen.  Who wants that?

“But it’s so difficult, so challenging, to do the things we need to do in order to be well”.

This wellness challenge blog is intended to build a helpful, supportive community.  A place to go to get better.  If we all work together, we can.  And we can show others the way to wellness.