Wellness Challenge?

Wellness Is So Under Rated We Literally Disregard It Altogether

Wellness is so under rated that American Baby Boomers literally disregard work life balance altogether. Ever think about stuff like this? There are a million excuses for slowly letting what was once a burning desire to be well, slowly fade into a cold, grey ember.

So the question that pops into jeff noel’s mind is this, “How do we slay this dragon?”

Day To Day Life

Change Our Words, Change Our View

Let’s not waste time blaming ourselves for our inadequacies. Perhaps we’d be better off just pausing here and there, and looking from a different angle.

Wellness Challenge?

Shut Up & Stop Feeling Sorry

If you are feeling sorry for yourself, it’s okay. It’s a natural human emotional…for a while. At some point, however, you should seek professional help or find a million ways to get moving on your own.

Here’s way #1, read this.

Wellness Tips

3 Wellness Decisions

One of the most important decisions we’ll ever make is to not give up.

One of the easiest decisions will be to cave in and quit.

One of the most difficult decisions will be to not to.

Wellness Challenge?

What Is Wellness?

Do you consider yourself to be healthy?

Do you feel like you have life-work balance?

If you answered yes to both questions, you are in the minority.

It’s sad, but true.

So Wellness then, would be the condition you are living in, where you could confidently and without hesitation, say yes to both questions.

What is the wellness challenge?

The wellness challenge is profoundly simple. It’s a balanced effort and feeling that our Mind, Body, Spirit, Money (career) and HQ (daily, home administrative duties) are working together in harmony.

Not perfect harmony per se, but a really close balance between them all – so that one or two are not overshadowing the others.

If you’d like more information on how I achieve wellness, from my own personal wellness challenge, feel free to visit my HQ (headquarters) at

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Still Alive & Doing Well

Hey there, I’m still here on the Internet. Been busy over at my other 5 blogs.

Just wanted you to know, in case you thought your RSS feed was down. 🙂

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Pretty Amazing For 51

Day To Day Life

How Long Is Too Long?

Notice above, the last post here was 13 months ago – November 2009.

How is that possible?

Ever procrastinate on your big, life-enhancing plans?

It is what it is. right? What can we do? Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The New Year is almost here. Got plans to start fresh?

Wellness Tips

3 Wellness Tips For Success

Ready For The Beach?
Ready For The Beach?

Here are three absolute must have wellness strategies for your Summer wellness program.

  1. Dream big – have lofty wellness goals
  2. Get there – find 100 reasons why you can not fail
  3. Stay there – this is your most critical endeavor

Profoundly simple and yet, simply profound.

November 2009

Wellness Challenge Debuts on Web

Hello, below this welcome message, you’ll find regular postings about our deep down desire to “have” wellness. A balance of the big decisions in life: Mind, Body, Spirit, Career, and Day-to-Day Admin.

Wellness Challenge Debuts on the Web today, November 7, 2009.  So please let me officially welcome you to Wellness

I have many wellness challenges. We all do. What are your challenges to be well?

There are four simple, but universal, wellness challenges we all face:

  1. MindMental wellness
  2. BodyPhysical wellness
  3. SpiritSpiritual wellness
  4. MoneyFinancial wellness

These are the four areas of our lives in which we get the privilege to nurture.  If we choose not to, well, we all know what can happen, and mostly likely does happen.  Who wants that?

“But it’s so difficult, so challenging, to do the things we need to do in order to be well”.

This wellness challenge blog is intended to build a helpful, supportive community.  A place to go to get better.  If we all work together, we can.  And we can show others the way to wellness.