Day To Day Life


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When was the last time we waited 734 days to do something we know to be important?

We get so busy. Don’t we? We poison our souls so slowly on the treadmill of life we never notice.

So what do we do about it? Probably nothing. A sad yet true reality for most of us.

Excuses? Check.

Regret? Check.

Second chances? Check.


Hello. Out. There.


We wait and we wait for permission. A whole lifetime. And still none. This is the secret.

Stop waiting for permission. Give it to yourself. Soon. Within 72 hours. Otherwise it will be another two years (730 days) before we hear the echo of our excuses and regrets.

It’s been 734 days since the last post at wellness challenge.

Added three new pages last night. Templates if you will, for the launch of Mid Life Celebration as a world class business consulting company.

Imagine 30 years as a Disney leader, including the past 15 speaking and consulting at Disney Institute. Imagine a person with the depth and breadth of over a million people and the biggest brands in the world.

He’s available for a few serious, admirable clients.