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knee pain
walking out to the car after a full day

Stay safe, have fun applies to more than Masters competitions. Injured my right knee at Epcot, simply bending down to pick up a piece of trash. For real.

Thought nothing of it really. Sure, I definitely felt a sharp pain, but really, it was a simple bending motion to do what I do all day long when I’m not at home.

How could it be serious?

In fact, it didn’t affect walking or even going up stairs. Shrugged it off.

Not long after that, back inside, I made a movement I don’t recall and mumbled loudly (a muffled yell I guess) enough that a fellow Baby Boomer (FS) immediately said with serious concern in his tone, “Are you alright?”

I’m fine. Weird. An excruciating pain that came and went in a split second.

Later that night, as I went to kneel in front of a home computer stand, an unusual pop and a pain that made me think I ripped something. Pausing, and then standing up very slowly, the pain dissipated quickly. And never came back the rest of the night.

The next morning on a daily jog, noticed a very minor tightness, but no pain. So I jogged significantly slower, just to be safe. Nearly three miles (30 minutes), no issues.

In summary there were only three incidents of pain the day before: the initial pain at Epcot, the one inside the Contemporary Resort, and finally at home.

After the jog, left the house before 9am. At 11:00am while walking down a hall to an elevator to go to lunch, I passed an office and stopped to reverse my step to tell her (SS) something and yelled (not too loudly) “ouch”.

The pain was sudden, sharp, and completely unexpected. She asked if I was ok and I briefly recounted the story straining my knee picking up trash the morning prior.

At this point I became intentional in trying to determine which movements might trigger pain. Walking, including three flights of steps up was not a problem.

Later that night, after dinner in our Family room, I bent to do something and yelled the loudest. Immediately my son (12) asked in a quick, concerned (unusual concern and attentiveness for a 12 year old) tone, “Daddy are you ok?”

Told him I think so.

Began ibuprofen.

Before retiring to bed, sent a prudent email with a few weekly updates, including the knee strain.

Went jogging again the second day (today), as slow as the day before. A little tightness that went away almost immediately after a few steps of really slow (which is the daily warmup routine anyway) jogging. Was able to jog 45 minutes (10-12 minutes per mile).

Upon return I began more ibuprofen and ice on effected right knee area.

Got the idea to go to the medical office, and then decided if I write the details here, while they are fresh, and follow an ice and anti-inflammatory regime (on my day off), I’d give it another 24 hours to see what tomorrow brings.

Don’t want to over react and at the same time not under react. So far today (it’s 2pm), no incidents of sharp pain. Of course I’m even more careful today, after the four incidents (three in front of others) so far.

(update: 5pm day three) (and 9pm)… so far so good. No issues. Doing everything I normally do, with exceptional forethought and care.