The Law of The Happy Employee

The Law of The Happy Employee.

As a generally true statement, a happy employee stays with an organization.

Why would you leave if you’re happy?

An employee who stays with a Company gets good at what they do.

Would you pick the surgeon who’s done the procedure 50 times or 500 times?

Happy employees who are good at what they do project a good external service quality perception to your customers.

So far so good?


The million dollar question many never ask let alone answer is, “What drives good internal service quality, which drives employee happiness?”

Was your answer instantaneous?

Are you still thinking?

Of course the answer is obvious.

The answer is leadership.

Ask yourself, “I know this to be irrefutable, but is it a conviction that is backed up by my daily actions?”

To know is to do. To know and not do, is to not yet know.

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