Wellness Challenge?

So is everything you’re doing progress?

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So is everything you're doing progress?

You know, when I started running one mailbox a day for a week 13 years ago, I never imagined more than simply improving my current state at the time (1999).

So everything I did was progress.

There was never any disappointment because I didn’t say, I want to run in the world championships and then get discouraged after three years, or five, or seven, or eight, or nine….it was a decade before it happened. A glorious ten year ride.

Many fail because they want too much, too soon. What if all you wanted to do was to improve your current state?

What if you improved your current state by just a little? And what if you then set out to improve upon that?

What would happen over time to you?


Wellness Challenge?

Looking To Think Differently About Health And Wellness In 2012?

At age 52, 2011 was my rookie year...

With only a few hours before 2012, many of us are pausing to think about our lives , our health, and our overall wellness.

Who do we turn to to find fresh, insightful, simple ideas to get and stay healthy?

I’m volunteering to help.

Wellness Challenge?

Wellness Is So Under Rated We Literally Disregard It Altogether

Wellness is so under rated that American Baby Boomers literally disregard work life balance altogether. Ever think about stuff like this? There are a million excuses for slowly letting what was once a burning desire to be well, slowly fade into a cold, grey ember.

So the question that pops into jeff noel’s mind is this, “How do we slay this dragon?”

Wellness Challenge?

Wellness Done Well (WDW): A Vision Of What The Future May Hold

Wellness, when done well, increases employee retention, reduces employee health care costs and reduces recruiting and training costs. When wellness becomes part of an organization’s corporate culture, customer satisfaction scores naturally rise because the employees understand the concept of offering their best, in a reciprocal giving back so to speak. Harris Rosen, Orlando hotelier, leads our Country in this common sense, but seldom implemented, health care initiative.

Wellness Challenge?

America’s Balance Expert jeff noel, Talks About Life’s Big Choices

This image may not mean anything to you now, yet it could help transform your outlook on life-work balance.

Whole person wellness. Heathy choices. Balanced options. Focus. Discipline. Purpose. Sounds good, right? That’s what America’s Balance Expert, jeff noel, teaches. And you’ll clearly see he practices what he preaches.

These words and phrases must define us, and sustain us. These must become the essence of who we are. For the rest of our lives.

At this very moment, if we make no further attempt to manage our whole person health-consciousness, today will be the healthiest day of our lives.

Every day after today, we will become less healthy, less well, less resilient, less motivated, less committed. Less of an example for others.

At the end of the day, when younger people in your life think of your health, will they see you as an example or a warning?

I’m on the Internet every single day, offering simple, short, pithy blog posts to encourage others to not accept their old habits as final.

There’s a great balance between Life’s Big Choices. The choices of: Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ. Start here, unless you’re already good to go.

Wellness Challenge?

Wellness: Good News & Bad News

Good news, bad news. Good news, change is possible. Bad news, it’s gonna take awhile.

A friend sent this saying, “He’s (Dali lama) singing your song”.

“In training the mind, perspective is of crucial importance. We cannot expect to transform our minds in a few minutes or even a few weeks, thinking, perhaps, that the blessings of an enlightened individual will enable us to obtain immediate results. Such an attitude is not realistic. It takes a long time, sometimes years or even decades; but if we persevere, there is no doubt we will make progress.”  Dalai Lama

Wellness Challenge?

Shut Up & Stop Feeling Sorry

If you are feeling sorry for yourself, it’s okay. It’s a natural human emotional…for a while. At some point, however, you should seek professional help or find a million ways to get moving on your own.

Here’s way #1, read this.

Wellness Challenge?

What Is Wellness?

Do you consider yourself to be healthy?

Do you feel like you have life-work balance?

If you answered yes to both questions, you are in the minority.

It’s sad, but true.

So Wellness then, would be the condition you are living in, where you could confidently and without hesitation, say yes to both questions.

What is the wellness challenge?

The wellness challenge is profoundly simple. It’s a balanced effort and feeling that our Mind, Body, Spirit, Money (career) and HQ (daily, home administrative duties) are working together in harmony.

Not perfect harmony per se, but a really close balance between them all – so that one or two are not overshadowing the others.

If you’d like more information on how I achieve wellness, from my own personal wellness challenge, feel free to visit my HQ (headquarters) at