Day To Day Life

Change Our Words, Change Our View

Let’s not waste time blaming ourselves for our inadequacies. Perhaps we’d be better off just pausing here and there, and looking from a different angle.

Wellness Challenge?

Wellness: Good News & Bad News

Good news, bad news. Good news, change is possible. Bad news, it’s gonna take awhile.

A friend sent this saying, “He’s (Dali lama) singing your song”.

“In training the mind, perspective is of crucial importance. We cannot expect to transform our minds in a few minutes or even a few weeks, thinking, perhaps, that the blessings of an enlightened individual will enable us to obtain immediate results. Such an attitude is not realistic. It takes a long time, sometimes years or even decades; but if we persevere, there is no doubt we will make progress.”  Dalai Lama